Mobixell Wraps LTE Data-Optimization Field Test

By Craig Galbraith Comments

San Jose, Calif.-based Mobixell Networks says it has completed a successful field test of the world's first data-optimization solution to be integrated into existing LTE access hardware. An unnamed European mobile operator served as the test subject.

As operators deploy new LTE sites with this technology, the deployments can include resource-saving, quality-enhancing data caching and optimization without adding any additional hardware in the access network, Mobixell said.

This solution includes Mobixell Seamless Access video optimization, which enables operators to optimize video both in real-time and offline with built-in video caching of popular content. It was developed in cooperation with a major telecom infrastructure vendor, and integrated directly into their eNodeB, the network element that interfaces directly with end-user devices.

While LTE is faster, it will not eliminate network congestion; hence, the need for such a product.

“In fact, LTE is more likely to increase congestion on mobile networks," said Yehuda Elmaliach, CTO, Mobixell. “As mobile subscribers discover how fast they can stream video with LTE, they will want to consume more and more mobile bandwidth." This expectation is supported by data from a major mobile operator that said the 12 percent of its subscriber base that has adopted LTE is already using 35 percent of the network’s bandwidth.

In addition to the solution that was deployed in field test, Mobixell also offers further network resource reduction with a private cloud-based platform. By offloading optimization processing to a private cloud, the RAN-based optimization solution can share resources with many eNodeB or core-based optimization and other network management functions, the company said.

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