NICE Systems Debuts Contact Center Fraud Prevention Solution

By Craig Galbraith Comments

Israel-based NICE Systems has launched its Contact Center Fraud Prevention solution. It's designed to track fraud patterns and screen all phone interactions for fraud against a watch-list of known fraudsters.

NICE's new solution can be deployed as a standalone contact-center solution or as part of the NICE Actimize enterprise fraud offering.

“Preventing fraud losses and protecting clients’ personal information are essential goals for enterprises and contact centers," said Donna Fluss, president, DMG Consulting. "Unfortunately, most agents do not have tools to help them identify fraudsters, which puts the enterprise and customers at risk. Social media represents a goldmine for fraudsters. Almost every person has a digital footprint, which can be mined for nefarious purposes. Every public and private organization needs to equip their agents and other employees with tools and best practices to prevent losses."

NICE says its Contact Center Fraud Prevention solution enables businesses to pinpoint fraudulent callers according to their unique voice print by using voice biometrics to automatically cross-reference each call with a suspicious watch list of known fraudsters. The solution also implements NICE Interaction Analytics to identify fraud patterns and social engineering attempts based on speech analytics, emotion detection, talk patterns and interactions.

The NICE solution guides the call-center agents in real time to appropriately handle high-risk interactions, and provides an end-to-end fraud management solution that prioritizes high risk interactions for investigation before transactions are authorized, the company said.

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