Apigee Rolls Out Big-Data Analytics Platform

By Craig Galbraith Comments

Palo Alto, Calif.-based Apigee has launched Apigee Insights, a big-data analytics platform designed to let organizations gain new business insights using "broad" data generated in the app economy.

Apigee Insights helps businesses connect and analyze potentially massive amounts of external data from APIs, apps, social and mobile ecosystems, together with other data sources for context. Apigee Insights aims to empower companies to get full visibility into customer, developer and partner behavior by integrating and analyzing all points of customer interaction – from both inside and outside the enterprise.

"In the app economy, where business is often conducted through mobile and social channels, organizations no longer own – much less control – all the data they need to make accurate business decisions," said Chet Kapoor, Apigee CEO. "Every enterprise needs to rethink their data platform for this new world. Those that can capture, add context and analyze new broad data sources outside of the enterprise will succeed."

Apigee calls Insights a highly distributed platform that stitches together data from a customer's API programs with data from internal systems and online data sources. It delivers in-depth analysis and performance with a multi-channel data aggregator, distributed processing engine, intelligent data storage, analytic accelerators and expert services. Apigee Insights is flexible enough to deal with the changing number, volume, size and sources of app economy data, and it enables customers to get near real-time feedback loop to test, experiment and roll out changes immediately, the company said. It allows enterprises to gain insights through the entire app value chain or to focus specifically on the context of the app user, the app developer, or on information analytics.

It is specifically designed for the big, continuously changing and less structured broad data in the app economy. It can serve as a standalone analytics solution or a complement to existing legacy data warehousing or ETL systems.

Apigee Insights is offered today as a technology and services solution for an introductory price of $5,000 per month. It is available with "Analytic Accelerators" that include predefined data models and sample user interfaces to help customers quickly gain insights into their developer adoption, customer behavior and data usage.

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