How Operators Can Better Identify Mobile Subscribers

By Craig Galbraith Comments

Israel-based Allot Communications has just released its Feb 2013 MobileTrends Report, showing how subscriber traffic analysis can be used by operators to segment and create innovative service packages for different groups of data subscribers based on their own digital lifestyles.

Each segment is defined by parameters that include online activity, daily usage patterns, content consumed and the overall effect their activity has on the network. They all have been assigned fun, descriptive names that are easy to remember.

The are: the info seeker, representing 32 percent of subscribers that use ad-hoc browsing to access information and a sizeable part of their action is in the evening; the info guzzler, representing 5 percent of subs that access content mostly during the day, with their top applications used being P2P and other downloading; the social monitor, representing 14 percent of subscribers that access content mostly during midday for social networking, video and VoIP; the social mingler, about 15 percent of subs that use multiple application types such as social networks, video and browsing mostly during mid-day and evening; and the digital mover & shaker, he who combines personal data activity with social data activity and is online around the clock (represents 34 percent of subs).

The report also includes the breakdown of leading applications used by the different segments, including Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, BitTorrent, Skype and general browsing. In addition, the report analyzes the time-of-day the content is accessed or downloaded.

"This report emphasizes how mobile operators can capitalize on digital lifestyle segmentation while simultaneously increasing loyalty among subscribers," said Andrei Elefant, VP of marketing & product management at Allot Communications.

Allot is a supplier of service optimization and revenue-generation solutions for fixed and mobile broadband service providers worldwide

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