Nokia Siemens Networks Launches Operations Tools, Content Packs

By Arselia Gales Comments

Nokia Siemens Networks is launching a new suite of products and services designed to help operators as mobile broadband networks become more complex.

The are useful, the company said, as operators expand 3G networks, roll out LTE (long term evolution) and deploy small cells.

“Dealing with diversity in the operations environment has a new urgency for operators as new technologies, services and devices drive exponential growth in data demand, and higher expectations for performance and quality," said Peter Patomella, head of OSS, Nokia Siemens Networks.

Simplified Operations covers both network and service operations and will help operators with specific tools that automate processes, improve information flows and give them greater control of their operations.

NSN is also launching new content packs as part of its off-the-shelf Operations on Demand platform to help simplify network operations. The new content packs include: Network 360, Automated LTE Site Creation, Location Area Based Subscriber Balancer and Network Cloning Service.

“With all these new solutions for simplifying operations, our goal is to help operators improve information flows, automate their systems and processes, and prevent the isolation we often see between many functions in the operator organization. As networks become increasingly complex, we are committed to helping operators keep it simple by redefining how they organize their network and service operations," Patomella said.

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