Private Cloud Could Provide Much-Wanted BSS Centralization

By Craig Galbraith Comments

Operators around the world want more centralized or standardized business support systems. That's the result of a new survey from Intelligence, the industry-research arm of news service

The survey found that 85 percent or respondents believe operators should centralize or standardize their BSS, citing key benefits such as reduced operating costs and the ability to introduce consistent products, services and tariffs for international customers.

Nearly 45 percent felt that standardization of BSS was very achievable. Another third (35 percent) also felt that centralization was achievable, but this objective also scored highly at the opposite end of the scale, with 42 percent ranking it difficult, and 2 percent impossible to achieve, citing technical risks and internal challenges as among the main barriers. 

Asked to score the benefits of a centralized approach to BSS, more than 68 percent of operator respondents ticked the boxes that saw reductions in operating expenses as key – the highest scoring answer. This was closely followed by 64 percent recognizing the potential to offer a consistent international service to enterprise customers. 

Some 65 percent of respondents also believed that a cloud-based approach to BSS centralization would help ease many of the barriers to change.

“Historically, operator groups have found it difficult to realize the benefits of standardization and centralization, largely because it has involved restricting the flexibility of local operating companies to respond to their own market conditions," said Dr. Andy Tiller, vice president of product marketing at AsiaInfo-Linkage, one of the survey’s sponsors. "However, at AsiaInfo, we have seen that modern BSS systems running on centralized private cloud-based platforms can achieve significant operational improvements while at the same time supporting local requirements through multi-tenancy."

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