Reports of Isis Mobile Wallet Success Should Be Taken 'With a Grain of Salt'


Merchants supporting the Sept. 2012 launch of Isis mobile wallet in Salt Lake City, Utah, and Austin, Texas, have seen an increase in both repeat visits and overall purchases.

Isis mobile wallet allows consumers to load their payment information and pay with their smartphone at any Isis Ready merchant. Isis users visit stores five or more times per week on average and 65 percent of users regularly engage with merchants after leaving their store, according to Mobile Commerce Daily. The company's chief sales officer thinks the value proposition drives a good adoption and activations rate in the stores.

In order to increase the amount of users, Isis will provide those who sign up for the mobile wallet service with a $10 gift card with an additional $15 if they connect the app to a "funding source." Isis also intends to integrate its service into public transit in Salt Lake City.

“I would advise anyone that is overly excited about the news from Isis to employ a degree of skepticism when looking at the usage and adoption figures. It’s no mistake that Isis neglected to provide a sample size for their claims, or failed to offer any insight into the number of wallet activations. Until more robust usage figures are provided, it will be necessary to take any of their reports with a grain of salt," noted Yankee Group associate analyst Jordan McKee in response to the article.

However, McKee says if Isis' usage claims turn out to be true, the app will be well positioned for rapid growth.

Isis is a joint venture among AT&T, Verizon Wireless and T-Mobile.

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