Sandvine Update Prevents Bill Shock, Welcomes Data Bundles

By Craig Galbraith Comments

Sandvine has released the latest version of its turnkey Usage Management product. It includes plug-and-play capabilities to roll out new revenue opportunities, including service tiers, roaming notifications, bill-shock prevention, family plans, data bundles and bolt-ons.

Sandvine says in addition to traditional usage-based service creation, Usage Management enables unique service innovations such as bundling data access with content purchases from retail outlets.   
“As mobile networks migrate from 3G to LTE, the need for universal service plans that bridge these technologies is critical," said Don Bowman, CTO, Sandvine. “From prepaid services to postpaid family plans and bolt-ons, tier-one operators rely on our speed, accuracy and commitment to standards to roll out new revenue generating services."
Features in Sandvine Usage Management 4.50 include: plug-and-play policies that enable rapid definition and deployment of  innovative service plans, and individual and shared bundles; real-time traffic classification and metering of network applications resulting in accurate billing and revenue leakage prevention; turnkey provisioning and integration with existing B/OSS systems using standard interfaces; scalability to meet the needs of the smallest and largest networks, of more than 25 million subscribers; implementation of 3GPP Policy and Charging Control standards; and interoperability with a wide range of solution partners in LTE, 3G, mobile, cable, DSL and converged networks.

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