Openet, Smith Micro Conduct Successful Wi-Fi Offload Interop Tests

By Craig Galbraith Comments

Openet and Smith Micro Software have successfully completed interoperability tests leveraging standards-based methods to deliver intelligent Wi-Fi offload and traffic optimization for heterogeneous networks. The companies say this intelligent network selection capability offers significant operator value by enabling additional service plans, increasing subscriber insights, and generating new revenue opportunities.

The interoperability test used Smith Micro’s NetWise I/O Toolkit and centered on Openet’s Access Network Discovery and Selection Function (ANDSF) server, a 3GPP and OMA standards-compliant component of Openet’s Interaction Gateway. The server interacts with on-device agents to dynamically coordinate network selection based on device, network and subscriber contextual information. Network selection decisions can incorporate any information source; examples include the quality of Wi-Fi and radio network signal, or specifics from the subscriber’s service plan agreement.

“Openet’s Interaction Gateway together with Smith Micro’s NetWise solution represents the first proven, standard-based coordination of core network and device-based policies," said Openet CTO Joe Hogan. “This solution provides intelligent network selection using subscriber context and the state of network resources, allowing the device to switch back and forth between cellular and Wi-Fi based on operator defined criteria."

Openet’s Interaction Gateway provides integration with operator policy and charging control systems as well as intercommunication through the S14 interface with handsets that support ANDSF to coordinate device policies. Openet’s capabilities extend ANDSF with additional policy and charging options, in the context of device usage, for discovery and intelligent network selection. The solution also provides analytics for network and device performance, assisting operators to better the quality of users’ experience, the company said.

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