Execution: The Last Word on Customer Experience

While people may continue to debate the definition and merits of a customer experience approach to running a communications company, perhaps the best thing that can be said about "customer experience" is that is has sharpened the focus of service providers like nothing else ever has on changing the way they view their businesses, their customers and their place in the value chain. And that's a great start.

  • What Is Customer Experience?: The latest word on defining this customer experience phenomenon
  • What Do Customers Want: Survey data on what a good experience means to the customer
  • Organizing Around What the Customer Wants: Addressing the CE from a process perspective

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Tim McElligott

As editor-in-chief of B/OSS, Tim McElligott manages the editorial content of B/OSS and its associated conferences. He has been a telecom journalist since 1999 when he left the sweet embrace of the carrier community after 14 years. His primary focus is business and operations support systems and other cool communications stuff.