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M2M and Insisting on Your Place in the Revenue Chain

The service providers' place in the value chain of M2M is obvious, but revenue does not naturally follow value. This report examines the M2M opportunity and some of the ways providers can turn value into revenue.

  • The latest in market projections: expectations are huge now that some hurdles have been crossed
  • Pricing, partnerships and other models for success in M2M
  • RACO Wireless is making M2M work for hundreds of customers

About the Author

Tim McElligott

As editor-in-chief of B/OSS, Tim McElligott manages the editorial content of B/OSS and its associated conferences. He has been a telecom journalist since 1999 when he left the sweet embrace of the carrier community after 14 years. His primary focus is business and operations support systems and other cool communications stuff.