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Network Management Requirements in the Age of Big Data

It is true that service providers and their vendor partners mastered the art of network management years ago and have been a model for other industries. But requirements keep changing and so must the art. This B/OSS Reader Survey on Network Management report looks at priorities and preferences for next generation network management systems. 

  • View the results of our B/OSS reader survey
  • Setting Priorities: What are the most important capabilities for your management systems?
  • Future Requirements: What must a system do and how should it fit in your environment?
  • Timeline for Supporting New Technologies: Do we need M2M, MDM and cloud management systems now?

About the Author

Tim McElligott

As editor-in-chief of B/OSS, Tim McElligott manages the editorial content of B/OSS and its associated conferences. He has been a telecom journalist since 1999 when he left the sweet embrace of the carrier community after 14 years. His primary focus is business and operations support systems and other cool communications stuff.