• FCC Approves AT&T/Qualcomm Spectrum Deal
    The agency raised some concerns related to the acquisition's impact on competition and imposed some conditions on the transaction in order to limit or prevent any anticompetitive behavior. ...More
    December 23, 2011 By Josh Long Posted in News
  • Symbian OS Takes on Android, Linux in Massive Open Source Move
    In a dramatic strategic move, the Symbian Foundation has made source code for the world’s most widely used mobile OS completely free and completely open. In addition, the Foundation says devices for the North American market — the only developed market Symbian ...More
    February 3, 2010 By Tara Seals Posted in News
  • BT Closes the Deal With EchoSign
    The most awkward and precarious part of the sales process is the time between the handshake and getting a signed contract from the customer. In a contract-driven business such as telecom this is especially true. But one small company, for now, and its customers such as BT, ...More
    August 4, 2009 By Tim McElligott Posted in Articles
  • Firethorn Upgrades Mobile Banking Capabilities
    Firethorn Holdings, LLC has announced the introduction of its mobile application upgrade. The upgrade will enable the company to transition its financial institution and wireless operator relationships from banking to broader mobile commerce functionality.Expanded ...More
    November 15, 2008 Posted in News
  • AT&T, Firethorn Bring Mobile Banking to iPhone
    AT&T (T) and Firethorn Holdings, a Qualcomm company, have announced the availability of their mobile banking application for the iPhone.AT&T says its mobile banking lets users securely and efficiently manage their finances, including checking balances and ...More
    November 3, 2008 Posted in News
  • 700MHz: Verizon Wins C Block, FCC De-Links D Block
    Verizon Wireless secured C Block licenses nationwide with a $4.74 billion bid, the FCC revealed Thursday. The C Block comes with the open-access provisions fought for by Google. Verizon late last year said it would open its network to other devices and applications, ...More
    March 20, 2008 By Kelly Teal Posted in News