A Holistic Approach to In-Service Customer Experience Management

Available: On Demand
Speakers: Tom Lybarger, Assistant Vice President, Aricent

The many Customer Experience Management (CEM) solutions and approaches that have come to market so far have empowered operators with important but limited insight, some using individual tools and outdated processes. It is time that the practice of CEM is re-examined. New ways of collecting and processing information must be explored.  Only then can an end-to-end solution be defined and implemented that lives up to its promise.

This webinar will first take a step back to define In-Service CEM, and how it impacts the existing architectures and processes in place for capturing  the experience—and improving it.  It will then look forward at how examining all sources of information from the network, traffic, applications and user devices can be accomplished to satisfy any service provider’s business objectives, improve customer loyalty, grow revenues and help lower expenses through the ready access to key information.

In this Webinar, you will learn:

  1. Key challenges facing service providers for Service Quality Management and Customer Experience Management
  2. Benefits of including the end-customer in helping to improve service quality
  3. Requirements for a holistic approach to Customer Experience Management
  4. The central role processes play in the success or failure of a Customer Experience Management program
  5. How to make the best use of collected information to enable a program of continual improvement for Customer Experience

Tom Lybarger, Assistant Vice President, Aricent
Tom Lybarger has over 25 years experience in delivering advanced OSS and BSS solutions communications service providers, with a focus on evolving technologies, services, and their impact on processes and operations environments.  As an Assistant Vice President at Aricent, Tom works with Communications Service Providers around the world to define efficient and effective operations environments beginning with organizations and processes; extending to innovative solutions to improve efficiency and automation while also improving customer satisfaction.  His experience began with careers at AT&T and Lucent Technologies, specializing in Service Assurance and Fulfillment applications and solutions, and has considerable knowledge of BSS as well.  Most recently he has focused on the challenges and problems facing service providers attempting to improve revenues and customer loyalty through managing service quality and customer experience.